Tech-loving parents-to-be can now get all the information they need about their baby’s development and how to prepare for the birth, thanks to Pregnancy Planner, a new app for iPhone (priced £1.49 from the App Store).

Designed so that it provides personalised information based on the baby’s due date, the Pregnancy Planner app delivers a menu of daily, customised facts and progress reports, plus answers to common questions, useful checklists about what baby kit to buy, and suggestions for baby names.

By filling in the due date, last menstruation period or date of conception, the Pregnancy Planner app personalises all the information for its user. This includes weekly pictures of the developing embryo to help parents track their baby’s development from conception to birth.

Daily updates alongside each embryo diagram include fascinating facts such as ‘Today your baby can now hear’, or ‘Your baby now has thoughts and hair’ which bring alive the pictures and allow parents to start engaging with their unborn child. To increase this excitement and build a sense of anticipation, the app also counts down the time until the due date in weeks, days, hours, minutes and even seconds!

For first-time parents, Pregnancy Planner provides a wealth of tips and answers to every day questions on a whole range of pregnancy topics, including which foods to avoid, which sports are suitable, advice on common pregnancy health issues, plus travel tips and even advice on sex during pregnancy.

When out shopping for baby products, mums and dads can cut through the huge, bewildering choice available by quickly checking Pregnancy Planner’s practical checklists of essentials items needed for: hospital, the nursery, feeding (both for breast and bottle), plus other baby kit required for the home and out and about in the car.

Finally, the app offers a comprehensive list of baby names, which can be customised into a top 10 list and shared via email with family or friends.

The Pregnancy Planner app for iPhone is now available on the App store, priced £1.49