Building an arts and craft brand

Aquabeads is now no. 1 in NPD’s Craft Kits category for the UK. The brand lets kids make their own creations using coloured beads which stick together when sprayed with water. Licensed sets include Disney Princess, Cars 3, Frozen and Minions.


  • Continue to grow brand awareness amongst kids aged 6+ years
  • Grow the social community amongst parents of craft-loving kids and increase engagement
  • Drive awareness of new/existing licensed ranges and drive overall retail sales
  • Ensure Aquabeads retains its no. 1 position in NPD’s Craft Kits category


  • Consumer awareness (Girls 4-11 years) increased by 6% YOY
  • 62% Social community growth over 12 months
  • Engagement rates spiked from our monthly Games, as high as 6.7% on Twitter
  • 57% increase in annual product sales
  • The brand remained no. 1 in NPD’s Craft Kits category