Driving applications to Britain’s top nanny college

Norland College is Britain’s oldest and most prestigious nanny college, operating for over 120 years and based in Bath.


  • Drive applications to the college, and improve the calibre of applicants
  • Position Norland as a national authority on childcare issues
  • Publicise the introduction of the new three-year BA Hons degree in Early Years
  • Publicise the introduction of the new Norland uniform – the first in 70 years


  • 170+ items of coverage, generating 2,600 million opportunities to see
  • Range of news features and college interviews on BBC, Sky and ITV
  • Extensive print and online coverage in national and international media
  • 444% increase in unique website visits during PR campaign
  • 60% increase in annual college applications, with 57% fewer rejections
  • 60 minute documentary on Norland aired on ITV, Sunday at 9pm
  • Winner of the 2013 PRIDE award for low budget campaign