Influencer Partnership with GBBO star

With nine billion GIPHY downloads, kawaii bunny Molang is a global social media hit with millennials and Gen Z, although UK awareness is limited.

A high profile influencer partnership - based around food or fashion - is a ‘grass roots’ way to reach British teens and young adults.

Our Role

  • Cultivate loyal, engaged Molang fans amongst UK millennials/Gen Z
  • Broker an impactful partnership with a relevant foodie influencer
  • Manage the partnership from initial concept to final content and campaign promotion
  • Generate a bank of relevant UGC to be leveraged across Molang’s social channels
  • Showcase UK licensees’ merchandise throughout

Our Approach

We recruited GBBO finalist and kawaii super fan, Kim-Joy, to create an IGTV recipe video of how to make Molang-decorated biscuits.

UGC over six weeks spanned: Kim-Joy's recipe teaser, video reveal, recipe cards, competition entries from members of the public, plus influencers baking their own Molang biscuits in character aprons.

These branded props alongside bespoke GIFs, music and Molang animations helped drive engagement and growth across Molang’s social channels.

Our Results

  • 60 items of campaign content: 5.38m reach
  • 46.6k views of Kim-Joy's IGTV recipe video
  • 326.3k views and 1.39k shares of four bespoke Kim Joy GIFs on Tenor
  • 5% social growth across Molang Instagram and Facebook
  • Increased engagement has boosted consumer awareness, sparking interest from potential brand partners