Driving tune in for kid's TV show

Produced by ITV and KidsCave, Robozuna is a kids’ CGI animation series centred around 14-year-old Ariston and his homemade robot, Mangle, who battle to free their oppressed home from the evil Combatabots.

The second series launched on ITV and CITV in September 2019.


  • Drive tune-in to the launch of Robozuna series 2
  • Promote the new breakfast TX time from October
  • Build ITV and CITV audience share, particularly amongst boys aged 4-9 years
  • Drive awareness and retail sales of Robozuna licensed toys


September: Our research - commissioned by ITV - revealed that kids believe robots will be in schools by 2025. We visualised a ‘futuristic school’ using the 8ft ‘Mangle the robot’ costume character posing as a teaching assistant, caretaker and canteen assistant.

October Half Term: We created bespoke Robozuna branded cereal boxes (with mini robot toys hidden inside) for influencers, including top child YouTuber Beau’s Toy Farm.


  • Total estimated reach across press and social media: 494k
  • Beau’s Toy Farm YouTube combined views across both YT videos: 166k
  • The top-rated episode reached 16% audience share for boys 4-9 and 8.2% across all kids aged 4-15
  • CITV's average audience share for boys aged 4-9 doubled during Robozuna series 2 launch