Papa Johns

Global product launch

To launch Papa Johns' new 'all seed, no weed' Hemp Sticks in the UK and selected international markets, we devised a creative PR campaign to convey hemp’s superfood status and target the brand's core target audience - Gen Zs.

Our Role

  • Generate strong PR buzz which strengthens Papa Johns' food superiority story
  • Drive product trial and advocacy by debunking popular hemp misconceptions
  • Devise an activation which resonates with Gen Zs in multiple markets

Our Approach

With our research revealing a quarter of Brits mistakenly think you can get high from eating hemp seeds, we recruited TV stuntman Matt Pritchard to embark on the UK’s ‘highest’ food delivery: dropping off Hemp Sticks to a pair of cliff campers.

As the first QSR brand to make superfood hemp available to all, we also enlisted a registered nutritionist for Papa Johns, to advocate hemp’s nutritional ‘highs’ and explain how it differs from marijuana.

Hemp Stick samples were reviewed by key news, food, lifestyle media and influencers, resulting in a wave of product placement.

Our Results

  • 90+ items of coverage, inc. 45 UK items; total reach: 1.28bn
  • Featured in 10 nationals inc. MailOnline, Independent and Mirror
  • 98% of results featured ‘highest delivery’ stunt content
  • Positive social engagement, with Papa John's fans tagging friends and encouraging them to try the new hemp sticks