Papa Johns

World's biggest NFT giveaway

Papa Johns wanted to promote the return of its Cheddar range by re-running its successful 2021 Papa X Cheddar campaign, but with a new creative and commercial twist.

Our Role

  • Devise a new, innovative and globally relevant PR angle
  • Drive $750k+ sales of Cheddar pizzas over eight weeks
  • Attract new customers from the brand’s core Gen Z audience
  • Ensure maximum campaign participation by international franchisees

Our Approach

We turned the most popular item from the 2021 Papa X Cheddar streetwear fashion collection – the ‘hot’ bag worn by one of the models – into a metaverse accessory: Papa Johns NFT Hot Bags.

For the brand’s first foray into NFTs, nine hot bag designs were minted and listed on Tezos, the energy-efficient blockchain. QR codes on pizza boxes linked to a multi-language, jargon-free microsite, where people could redeem a free NFT in three easy steps.

A new cut of the original Papa X Cheddar film, featuring a glitching NFT, promoted the upcoming drop dates, staggered to ensure engagement and collectability. The campaign was rolled out across Europe, MENA and LATAM.

A limited-edition range of real-world bags, based on the NFT designs, were seeded to macro influencers, while media outreach ensured maximum exposure across tech, fashion, trends and food press.

Our Results

  • 600+ items of coverage/content; total online readership: 1.14b
  • 39,680 NFTs given away, the world’s biggest free NFT giveaway TD
  • NFTs redeemed in 150+ countries; 531,000 visits to website
  • c$1m in incremental sales in first six weeks (6% of all pizza sales in participating markets)
  • 54,000 new Gen Z customers gained worldwide