Papa Johns' 'House of Papa'

Live music event

To introduce its new Fresh Soul pizza range, Papa Johns wanted to use the power of music to share good times and let souls sing again worldwide after lockdown. Turning the tables, quite literally, on Papa Johns' music-inspired marketing campaign film was our starting point.

Our Role

  • Drive global awareness of the new Fresh Soul pizza range
  • Target Papa Johns' core audience of Gen Zs across international markets
  • Align PR with the launch ad creative: Share flavours that make your soul sing
  • Deliver a live music event to generate shareable social content

Our Approach

We hosted the world's first global pizza party: House of Papa, at an intimate London music venue, attended by 100+ guests and members of the Bytesquad TikTok collective, who broadcast the event live.

In partnership with NME, the line-up showcased fresh music talent and was headlined by Fresh Soul campaign artist, BaggE. NME uploaded highlights to its channels later to relive the party over pizza.

Our Results

  • 335 items of coverage & content, 4.3m campaign views
  • PR: 100+ pieces of coverage, online global readership of 331m
  • NME: 1.28m article impressions & 84.8k video impressions
  • ByteSquad: 1.86m content views, 86k engagements, 6.29% average ER