Papa X Cheddar

Global Product Launch

To launch Papa Johns’ new range of Cheddar pizzas in nine international markets, a creative concept was needed to position Cheddar - one of the world’s oldest cheeses – as a premium and on trend ingredient for Gen Zs (Papa Johns’ core customer base).

Our Role

  • Drive Cheddar pizzas sales across nine markets over eight weeks
  • Attract new customers from the brand’s core Gen Z audience
  • Increase awareness of Papa Johns worldwide
  • Ensure the campaign appealed across Europe, Middle East and Latin America

Our Approach

‘Papa X Cheddar’ was a spoof fashion-meets-food collaboration which took satirical cues from Gen Z street culture – reflective of Papa Johns’ urban footprint and customer base. Working alongside ad agency Atomic, the collection ‘dropped’ via a music video featuring pizza-eating models wearing customized Papa Johns’ delivery driver outfits, witha Cheddar-themed soundtrack by hip hop artist B Zino. Consumers could then ‘shop the look’ on Depop.

Our Results

  • 817m online media reach in UAE, Qatar, Egypt, Belarus, Poland, Germany, El Salvador, Ecuador & Puerto Rico
  • $1.26m in incremental sales generated in first six weeks (5% of all pizza sales in launch markets)
  • 80,000 new customers obtained, at an estimated average order of $15.76 on their first visit