Social Challenge with influencers

Most Wanted Wines’ vision is simple – to get everyone to enjoy delicious wines, without eye-watering prices and pretentious wine chat.

To amplify the brand’s biggest ever giveaway, we devised a dual influencer and UGC campaign to promote the prizes and spread festive cheer via Instagram.

Our Role

  • Boost Most Wanted Wines’ awareness via social media
  • Grow the brand’s Instagram’s following
  • Increase Instagram content engagement
  • Generate UGC to personify the brand’s fun image

Our Approach

We literally ‘tapped’ into a classic party game to create the #MostWantedTunesChallenge, asking Most Wanted Wines’ influencer friends and the public to play Christmas tunes on filled wine glasses. The Scummy Mummies unveiled the challenge on 1 December and over the next 14 days, 150+ people entered, from choreographed dance videos to musicals with fake snow.

For amplification, we ran Instagram engagement and Story ads and boosted selected posts. The winner was unveiled in a ‘best of’ montage video.

Our Results

  • 156 pieces of UGC content created with 4.4m reach
  • Grew Most Wanted Wines’ Instagram audience by 22% to 19k followers
  • 50% MOM increase in Instagram content engagement
  • 450+ views of the ‘best of’ montage video and 80+ comments from entrants
  • Great feedback from UGC contestants, applauding the challenge