During the last few weeks, governments around the world have urged us all to stay at home as much as possible to help save lives.

As consumers have come to understand and accept the importance of adhering to this, brands too have played their part in keeping nations indoors, by considering their audience’s ‘new normal’ and moving quickly to produce everything from cookery videos to living room workouts, topical memes to weekly social events.

Here are a few clever brand campaigns we’ve spotted in recent weeks which reinforced the #StayHome message:

1. Netflix: Spoiler campaign

Devised by two students from Miami Ad School,billboards appeared across Germany featuring spoilers of hit Netflix shows like Stranger Things and Narcos. The idea – encourage people to stay home, or they risk ruining their favourite boxset binge. Netflix may have rejected the campaign, but the stunt would have played its part in helping the on-demand giant accrue 16 million new account subscribers in Q1, as well as generating some impressive headlines.

Netflix #StayHome campaign

2. IKEA: Your House campaign

There’s no place like home, especially during a lockdown. Produced for IKEA Spain, a country experiencing some of the strictest lockdown measures in the world, a ‘talking’ house voiced its views on staying indoors – reminding people of the positive connotations of being at home. Lines included “‘It’s the place your children grew up”, “You can use this time to move around your furniture” and “Get your head in order”. Striking the right balance between brand purpose and sentimentality, the video will have inspired a number of home makeovers.

3. Wagamama: #WFH (Wok from Home)

Hijacking a very topical hashtag, Wagamama unveiled a new Instagram video series, aptly titled: Wok from Home. Each week, the restaurant chain shows its fans how to recreate some of its top dishes via step-by-step videos. From the beginning of lockdown, with the majority of its restaurants closed, Wagamama has taken its expertise online, where it can offer consumers a welcome distraction, teach new skills and keep its fan base engaged and hungry for the real thing.

4. Oreo: Stay Playful campaign

Recycling old content proved a winner for Oreo, which turned to its extensive, rich bank of visual content to create a heart-warming and family-orientated video campaign called: Stay Home, Stay Playful. Offering examples of fun things to do while in lockdown and building on their central brand ethos of ‘How do you eat yours?’, the video and accompanying memes and challenges, create a playful, yet thoughtful piece of content that will have you reaching for a pack of Oreos.

Oreo #StayHome campaign

5. Heineken: The realities of social distancing

Perhaps the most relatable #StayHome campaign released so far. Heineken released a short-form video evidencing the shortfalls of socialising virtually while staying home. From dropping your phone on your face, to experiencing yet another WIFI drop out while on a call with a friend, Heineken brought to light the funny, frustrating and real-life scenarios of with which we can all truly engage. With subtle flashes of Heineken product throughout, the brand gave us something to smile about, with the lasting message to #SocialiseResponsibly.

Heineken #StayHome campaign

6. LEGO: Rainbow activity

Popular toy brand LEGO encouraged kids (and adults) to get creative with their product and create their own rainbows which has become the international symbol of hope during the pandemic. LEGO creations have been shared on Instagram using the hashtag #LetsBuildTogether. The rainbows are more than a distraction-tactic or decorative item, they forge the connection between children and the key workers working tirelessly across the country.

7. Sport England: Staying active at home

Staying true to their principles of staying healthy and exercising regularly, Sport England released a campaign titled: #StayInWorkOut. Sports England experts have offered handy tips and inspiration on how you can work out at home – including bench pressing your children. In what should have been an action-packed summer of sport, the public body has turned its attention to raising awareness of the importance of staying active, while having fun and staying safe.