What happens when you bring the latest and greatest from the toy industry together?

You get the London Toy Fair!

Over 250 companies exhibited. 500 press and influencers registered to get a preview. And due to such high demand for space, the show’s footprint grew to accommodate even more stands.

2023 saw the rise of a trend that continued to shine at this year’s fair. The kidult market. Kidults contributed almost 30% to the UK toy market last year. This is more than a fad.

The trend plays into the popularity of mental wellness, nostalgia, and the simple pleasure of play.

Our client, Moose Toys, is boldly striding into the space. 2024 will see an expansion of its collectibles for grown-up play enthusiasts.

But, in a time where every penny counts, affordability has also become a focus for brands and retailers alike.

The Toy Fair Hero Toys award featured many toys under £25. Reflecting an awareness of the ongoing cost-of-living challenges.

Over 60% of toys sold in 2023 were priced under £10, showing manufacturers have responded quickly to the cost-of-living crisis.

We’re here for anything that can make joy more accessible. And smaller, more affordable toys are taking centre stage. Perfect for spontaneous treats.

Sustainability – it’s not a new trend. It’s a standard consideration that has become expected of all toy brands.

From big players in the industry, Melissa & Doug is creating all new wooden and cardboard toys from FSC-approved materials.

Also making its debut was Playmobil Junior – made from 90% plant-based material. Starring in this exciting new range were Winnie the Pooh, Mickey and Friends and Disney Princess licensed products.

But they’re not alone in this green journey.

Within UK-based Keel Toys’ current range, 85% of products are made from recyclable materials. And Wild Republic is launching a new eco-friendly range to cater to the conscious consumers.

Overall, the show was an undeniable success, packed full of innovation. Each exhibitor unveiled groundbreaking toys and showcased the latest trends in toys.