Health reboots, wellness kicks and a booze ban…  

That might* be the predictable trend for January, but there is a lot more shaping the food & drink industry – and brand strategies – in 2024.  

From digitization to going greener, here’s what should be on your radar… 

  1. Sustainability

Showcasing your ESG credentials is a must. It’s a marathon, not a sprint… But amidst a greenwashing clamp down and heightening scrutiny, your goals, claims, and commentary have to be to legitimate and truthful.  

Sustainability isn’t a fad, it’s a business backbone. ESG initiatives have accelerated in recent years to a point where once radical ideas are now hygiene factors in the eyes of the industry, media and consumers.  

And with many brands soon having to declare their carbon footprint amidst a potential eco-labelling revolution, if you’re not ahead of the game when it comes to sustainable strategy and transparency, then you’re behind. 

  1. Funky Functional Foods

Still going strong…  

Snacks that do more than just satisfy your cravings are still BIG in 2024. The buzz is all about functional foods and drinks that give you a health kick while tasting delicious. Probiotics, adaptogens, and superfoods are winning distribution and cult followings.  

  1. Tech Treats

Tech will insert itself into any industry, including food. Augmented reality menus, virtual reality dining experiences, and interactive apps are stealing the spotlight. Make your brand a showstopper by embracing the digital revolution.  

Consumers crave real world experiences, but tech integration is the expectation for a hungry omni-channel audience. The difference will be who can be ambitious and push the envelope when it comes to digitized experiences.  

  1.  You-Nique Eats

Forget one-size-fits-all; 2024 is all about personalisation! Give your fanbase the power to customize. Whether it’s personalised nutrition plans or build-your-own menus, tailored products and services which meet specific needs will grow brand audiences faster and for the long-term.  

  1.  Booze-Free Bliss

Zero-proof mixology is having a moment, and non-alcoholic beverages are stealing the show. It’s a ‘hangover’ trend from the Pandemic as health and moderated lifestyles continue to appeal from Gen Zs to so-called Boomers.   

The takeout? Cater to the growing tribe of health-conscious consumers who seek “freedom to” products that elevate their lifestyles without compromise.  

We’ve got plenty more on the menu. Contact our food team and we’ll help make your campaigns extra tasty in 2024.