In the world of collectibles, nostalgia holds sway, and 2023 was no exception. A recent Mashable article shared that 25% of eBay users who made a purchase that year acquired at least one collectible item, highlighting the enduring power of sentimental connections.

Among the stars of last year, our client Miffy, the Dutch bunny, shone brightly. eBay recorded a significant surge in searches for Miffy, with the term being looked up 5,000 times per month.

As nostalgia swept through 2023, Miffy’s presence and the memories she evoked established her as a sought-after collectible. Highlight PR proudly contributed to this success, playing a crucial role in amplifying Miffy’s digital impact.

Our strategic efforts resulted in a 31% growth in Miffy’s social community from 2023 to 2024. We focused on raising awareness and driving sales of Miffy products, leveraging PR angles and engaging with Miffy’s audience on social media.

A significant milestone was the unveiling of the UK’s first dedicated Miffy retail space in Chinatown, London in 2023. This dedicated space featured an array of design-led gifts, limited-edition releases, and immersive experiences.

As we reflect on Miffy’s success, we are excited to continue our partnership creating more moments of joy, connection, and memories in the years ahead.