It was in 2019-2020 when TikTok started to really snowball. We all had those preconceptions of it: ‘It’s all learning dances’, ‘I don’t want to download it because I’ll be glued to it’.

Yet here we are three years later, all sort of knowing the ‘Wednesday Addams’ dance and a lot of us scrolling the platform for our next laugh out loud moment, or viral hair hack.

However, one thing that’s made itself apparent over the past few months is that TikTok is a phenomenal space for changing people’s lives.

And this is why I love it so much.

You may have recently seen reports of an account called ‘@stonemaidens’. This now famous dad had been writing a book for 14 years and overnight, through the viral power of one daughter’s video telling his story, his novel was pushed to #1 on Amazon.

Quite incredible, really.

In this spirit, there are some TikTokers out there whose sole purpose is to change people lives; to help others see the better in people and bring communities from around the world together.

For brands, this idea of togetherness for the greater good is what I truly believe to be the next wave of where – and how – advertising should work when targeting Gen Z.  It’s about showing authenticity and a genuine desire to better the world through products and services.

How can you show that your brand helps to change people’s lives for the better? And how can you authentically demonstrate this working?

Like all the best things in life – like love, music, and great food – putting a smile on people’s faces is a language without barriers.  It’s why I believe this style of emotive ‘advertising’ has immediate and universal appeal.

My enthusiasm about this has come from two TikTokers who reoccur on my FYP. Number one being Jimmy Darts (11.4M) who continuously receives millions of likes, engagement, and support for his content.

Jimmy finds people he thinks need his help and tests their kindness by asking them for a dollar – or if they will join him for lunch. He rewards them often with friendship and a bit of helpful cash, crowdfunded by his followers (at this point I usually have a few tears streaming down my face).

Jimmy Dart’s bio is: ‘Donate to help change lives’, which is exactly what he does and shares every day with his followers.

Like Jimmy, you may have seen Zachery Dereniowski (14.2M) who raised £30,000 for a young boy called Danny, who wanted to help his mum buy groceries for the next three years.

The format is altruism, and it works because it’s real.

Influencers repeat acts of kindness and then release videos several times a week, without a doubt gaining millions of views.

So, if you’re a brand thinking about your next move on TikTok, consider that viewers worldwide appreciate – and engage – with people and actions that have a positive impact.

If you created your brand knowing that it can positively change people’s lives in one way or another, demonstrate this authentically through the power of TikTok.


Author: Ellen Vining, Junior Account Exec at Highlight PR.