Who’s the fool on April Fools?

2nd April 2024

We’ve all become a bit wise to April Fools’ Day pranks. What was once a day about IRL practical jokes, today, April Fools’ is more of a social moment.

A taste of the future: Food & drink trends for 2024 

22nd January 2024

Health reboots, wellness kicks and a booze ban *might* be the predictable trend for January, but there is a lot more shaping the Food & Drink industry – and brand strategies – in 2024.  

Why trends matter in 2023 food PR

17th April 2023

Working in the food industry in 2023 is challenging. Rising inflation and shortages in the supply chain are putting unprecedented pressure on food brands.  Here is our low down of the top trends influencing the industry.

What are the big food trends of 2023?

14th November 2022

2023 is fast approaching, and that means a host of new food trends are taking root ready to become cult classics for the year to come. What will be worth the hype, and what will be consigned to the history books?

Papa Johns drops biggest free NFT giveaway

8th March 2022

For its latest Papa X Cheddar campaign, Papa Johns, today, launches its first collection of cool and collectable NFTs, known as non-fungible tokens, creating the metaverse’s biggest ever FREE NFT giveaway.

Papa John’s pledges love for the planet

3rd November 2021

Marking World Vegan Month, Papa John’s is using real crew members – for the first time internationally – as the stars of its latest global Plant Love marketing campaign. 

5 things PR can do for food and drink brands

8th January 2018

What does it take, these days, to make the leap into shopping baskets? How can your brand rise above its competition and strike a chord with consumers? A well-executed, honest and strategic PR for you in 2018.