5 tips for influencer marketing success

18th September 2019

Influencer marketing is now hugely, well, influential. But with so many ‘influencers’ going head-to-head in the very crowded social media arena, where do you begin?

Genuine influence: 3 ways to spot a fake influencer

18th September 2019

The key to influencers’ appeal is their authenticity: but not all influencers are as genuine as they first appear. If you’re thinking of embarking on an influencer campaign for your brand, be sure to choose carefully.

Picture perfect: 5 top tips for Instagram success

12th April 2017

A picture really is worth a thousand words. Today, that statement couldn’t be more true; we live in a world where Emoji is now the fastest-growing language and 80 million photos are uploaded to Instagram every day. Wow.

How to effectively brief a PR agency

1st June 2016

A crystal clear brief always pays off in the long run. When thinking about hiring an agency to support your brand, it’s invaluable to have the right kind of information handy from the very beginning.

How to build a social media community

2nd February 2015

Brands can use social media to go beyond their traditional role as product or service providers and instead become ‘conversation starters’. This reinforces the consumer-brand relationship, creates loyalty and can generate revenue.