Why trends matter in 2023 food PR

17th April 2023

Working in the food industry in 2023 is challenging. Rising inflation and shortages in the supply chain are putting unprecedented pressure on food brands.  Here is our low down of the top trends influencing the industry.

Working smarter: The impact of AI on the PR industry

9th March 2023

While there has been resistance to AI in the past, PRs are now taking notice of the potential benefits it can bring to their daily lives. However, there is one question that overrules them all…

What are the big food trends of 2023?

14th November 2022

2023 is fast approaching, and that means a host of new food trends are taking root ready to become cult classics for the year to come. What will be worth the hype, and what will be consigned to the history books?

What are the biggest toy trends for 2023?

25th October 2022

 Spielwarenmesse TrendCommittee – the organisation behind Nuremberg Toy Fair (Europe’s largest trade event) – recently talked to international experts, trend scouts, market researchers and the media to identify the big three global trends for 2023. Here’s what you need to know…

Goodfest 2022: How can we change the world?

4th October 2022

Last week marked the return of Goodfest Cornwall, a two-day event exploring the themes of Triple A – Accessibility, Affordability and Authenticity. We’ve charted some of the big headlines here…

NFTs for brands: A simple ‘how to’ guide

6th June 2022

It’s become the norm to read news reporting on ‘NFTs’, ‘the metaverse’ and ‘blockchains’. And the meteoric prices paid for digital objects continue to make headlines.

5 tips for influencer marketing success

18th September 2019

Influencer marketing is now hugely, well, influential. But with so many ‘influencers’ going head-to-head in the very crowded social media arena, where do you begin?

Genuine influence: 3 ways to spot a fake influencer

18th September 2019

The key to influencers’ appeal is their authenticity: but not all influencers are as genuine as they first appear. If you’re thinking of embarking on an influencer campaign for your brand, be sure to choose carefully.

The art of writing for time-poor audiences

4th March 2019

Our attention spans have never been smaller. In the face of a relentless stream of breaking news, and with mobile devices ever-present, there’s never been a better time to tell a story quickly.

5 things PR can do for food and drink brands

8th January 2018

What does it take, these days, to make the leap into shopping baskets? How can your brand rise above its competition and strike a chord with consumers? A well-executed, honest and strategic PR for you in 2018.

PR for ethical brands: why corporate values matter

3rd November 2017

What do you stand for? What defines your brand? What’s your mission? Conscious consumers are looking for firms that do business the right way, and positive PR lies at the heart of this.

5 winning brand partnerships with kid’s characters

2nd October 2017

Good things come in pairs. A widely accepted saying that’s particularly true in the world of licensing. We look at some great win-win partnerships involving children’s character brands.

Picture perfect: 5 top tips for Instagram success

12th April 2017

A picture really is worth a thousand words. Today, that statement couldn’t be more true; we live in a world where Emoji is now the fastest-growing language and 80 million photos are uploaded to Instagram every day. Wow.

PR for licensed characters: why it matters

19th January 2017

A solid PR strategy applies to all stages of a licensed character’s lifecycle. It’s the key ingredient to reaching the right audience with the right message at the right time.

How to effectively brief a PR agency

1st June 2016

A crystal clear brief always pays off in the long run. When thinking about hiring an agency to support your brand, it’s invaluable to have the right kind of information handy from the very beginning.